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Mardi Gras Sequin Harlequin Blazer

  • $ 8999

Make a bold statement with our Mardi Gras Harlequin Sequin Blazer! This long-length blazer is a showstopper, featuring playful sequin patterns in vibrant hues that are sure to turn heads. Perfect for Mardi Gras festivities or any occasion where you want to stand out, this blazer is crafted with both comfort and style in mind.

The fitted design ensures a flattering silhouette that's both lightweight and perfect for fall weather. And thanks to its button-front design, this blazer can easily transition from day-to-night wear.

Care instructions are simple: dry clean only to ensure the longevity of the sequin materials used in crafting this unique piece.

Whether you're headed out for holiday celebrations or simply want to add some harlequin chic style into your wardrobe - our Mardi Gras Harlequin Sequin Blazer is sure to make you feel confident and ready for anything! #MardiGrasStyle #HarlequinChic #SequinBlazer


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